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  • Dongxin L.

    Caboki is good

    Color de Pelo: Black

    Rating:4 Fecha de presentación: 2021/02/16

    It is easy to use. It is better to use it with hair gel.

  • Leslie M.

    I feel so much better about my hairline! Thanks Caboki!

    Color de Pelo: Golden Blonde

    Rating:5 Fecha de presentación: 2021/02/16

    Easy to use and great natural looking coverage. Will buy again and again.
  • keith H.

    works great!!! thx

    Color de Pelo: Light Brown

    Rating:5 Fecha de presentación: 2021/02/16

    hey its a good product, love it
  • Jon Martin

    Best product for covering my bald spot

    Color de Pelo: Dark Brown

    Rating:4 Fecha de presentación: 2021/02/10

    • Antes Antes
    • Después Después
    I am an actor and I’ve always been self-conscious about my bald spot on the top back of my head, I’ve used Rogain for 10 years hoping for a miracle which never came, I thought either buy a toupee or just learn to live with my bald spot, then I discovered caboki and I am amazed how it covers and looks like real hair! My confidence has boosted and so has my acting career.
  • Claude


    Color de Pelo: Silver/White

    Rating:4 Fecha de presentación: 2021/02/09

    Looks good
  • york

    Not for me

    Color de Pelo: Medium Brown

    Rating:2 Fecha de presentación: 2021/02/09

    not enough hair
  • Jake

    Works Great! Looks Great!

    Color de Pelo: Light Brown

    Rating:5 Fecha de presentación: 2021/02/09

    • Antes Antes
    • Después Después
    Amazed by how natural this stuff looks. Thanks for the boost!
  • Amanee

    Natural Hair Enhancer

    Color de Pelo: Dark Brown

    Rating:5 Fecha de presentación: 2021/02/08

    I love this product, I love the natural ingredients, makes m hair look naturally fuller, it's great!
  • Marilyn E.

    Silver hair. Product white

    Color de Pelo: Silver/White

    Rating:3 Fecha de presentación: 2021/02/08

    Could not use. Silver gray hair. Product white
  • Sarah L.

    Love Caboki!

    Color de Pelo: Dark Brown

    Rating:5 Fecha de presentación: 2021/02/04

    This is a great product. So easy to use.

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nota legal

1. Caboki no es un medicamento.

2. Caboki no crece el cabello.

3. Los resultados individuales pueden variar dependiendo de su densidad de cabello existente. Si usted es completamente calvo, NO funcionará para usted.